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Five For Friday 6/26/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • No doctors. Lots of rest, ice, and heat for my back.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.
  • Taking a break from PT for the summer to see how I do. I better be able to start getting more home rehab in asap. We are experimenting.

2. The Get Healthy 5k was a success! Team Zebra won the first place team trophy for the second year in a row! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated or gave moral support! It was a day for the memory books!

3. Monday night, my friend Angie and I attended the charity event, the Hidden Key Fashion Show, put on by the Aitch Foundation. The Aitch Foundation raises money for hidden cancers. It was a wonderful event that featured Michigan State and community “celebrities” in the fashion show for a cause that I know is near and dear to many people’s hearts, including mine.

4. I left for Philadelphia on Tuesday! I flew by myself, which if you know me, you know that is a feat in itself. I made it safely and joined my two sisters, Mom, and nieces for a week of girl time and fun in the city. I don’t get to see my nieces enough so I soaked up every snuggle, picking them up from school, going to their swim class, singing Taylor Swift over and over and over, and the list goes on…

5. On Friday, more family joined us in Philly to celebrate Allie’s bachelorette party for the weekend. Oh, and I got a selfie stick. Don’t judge me…so we have LOTS of pics. More on the par-tay later!

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