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Five For Friday 7/11/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I had my July appointment with Larry. Lots of cranial, neck, and upper back OMM.
  • Tuesday I went to U of M for my yearly Gastroparesis check up. I was given an EKG because I am on Domperidone, and everything looked good. My doc wants me to have the Hydrogen Breath Test (because of my flares) which is to check to make sure I have the good kind of bacteria in my stomach. I am also to return in six months for a check up and a meeting with their nutritionist.

2. Thursday, Brad and I traveled to Spring Lake for the weekend. We were able to catch a Tony Lucca show Thursday night. It was fun to reunite with Tony and his family.

Tony Lucca 7 steps up 1

Tony’s Daddy! One of THE nicest people I have ever met.

Tony Lucca 7 steps up

Reunited! So kind and talented.

3. Friday morning, we woke up and did a beautiful hike with our nieces and my sister-in-law.

Spring Lake

At the top of our hike. Pure Michigan.

4. We have been busy getting ready for DC. Each time I turn around, we have someone else who wants to meet, which is encouraging. It’s going to be a busy couple of days…hopefully a couple of days with productive conversation, open mindedness, brainstorming, and a lot of awareness and education. (I’m not gonna lie. I’m nervous! : ) )

5. As many of you know, my cousin, Caroline passed away last week due to complications from EDS. Caroline and I emailed quite a bit, and she traveled to Michigan for our second benefit a couple of years ago. Caroline was such a beautiful, sweet soul and will be greatly missed. Life certainly does not make sense sometimes. I have honestly taken it pretty hard, and it has been difficult for me to process, so thank you all for the outpouring of love and support.


You can read Caroline’s Obituary by going to this site.

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