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Five For Friday 7/3/20

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July! It’s been over a month. I guess it’s time for another update, quarantine style.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I am doing okay rehabbing at home. There are many days I would love to go in for OMM but I’m managing okay enough. I pray everyday that that will continue.
  • On a different note, I fell up the stairs last week and haven’t been able to put full weight on my foot since. Dance, walking, and running have been my lifelines during this pandemic so the last week has been HARD.

2. If you haven’t read the book Untamed, you should.

Wowsers. So empowering.

One of my bright spots of this quarantine.

That is all.

3. Our latest zebra shirt sold like a hot cake! So much so, that I think we will being doing a second round of sales. Let me know if you are interested. katie@zebranation.org…The design is below. We raised $1600 which is crazy incredible. Super grateful.

4. A couple of weeks ago, the uncles took a road trip to pick up our seven and 10 year old nieces from Philadelphia. They are pretty much here for the whole summer since all of there summer camps were cancelled. We are trying so hard to make it a “camp” to remember. So far, we have done movie nights, s’mores, clay charms, campus visits, ice cream socials, pool time, canvas art, lawn dance parties, woodworking, science experiments, and map work. Holy cow, we are BUSY, but the four cousins get to spend time loving each other up, and that makes every second worth it.

My heart is full…my body is exhausted ; )

5. The Covid coaster is real, y’all. At least it is for me. Anyone else feel it?

Like sometimes you’re feeling like you totally got this, it will be okay, there is an end in sight. Other times, it is full on depression, anxiety, and feels like life will never be the same again.

And then schools. How is that even going to work?

I should mention, I resigned for good in June (to stay home with Lucia and for my health), but Brad is still teaching and we are waiting to hear what the plan will be for him.

I think there is more concern ¬†with Covid being a zebra…and having a Dad with COPD…and a Mom who just went through chemo…and a toddler who I fiercely want to protect from any harm.

It’s taking a lot of deep breathing these days, and digging deep to regain perspective.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say. It’s just hard. Really hard many days.

Thanks for listening.

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