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Five For Friday 7/26/19, 8/2/19, & 8/9/19

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THREE WEEKS?! That is a record. I’m slacking…but that also means I’m living life, soaking every bit of summer, and trying to be present for all of it!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • Like 6 PT sessions. 8 Home Rehab sessions. One shrink session. Lots of OMT.
  • Prolotherapy in Indiana. I’m gonna keep attacking the hip until it decides to cooperate. Back again in 6 weeks.

2. VA.CA.TION. Our annual week of bliss in Northport is done. It was emotional for me to even type that. The countdown until next year begins…We made memories, I ate my way through the week, and I got to see vacation through my six month old’s eyes. If she could talk, she would probably tell you ice cream and fistfuls of sand are pure bliss…just not together. A week with 18 of my favorite people was just what the doctor ordered. Take me back. Pleasssse.


Image may contain: 16 people, including Brad Jaskolski, Katie Dama Jaskolski, John Dama, Mary Dama, Allie Dama Affandy, Sue Herner, Kristen Dama and Holly Howard, people smiling, people standing, sky, child, shorts, outdoor and nature3. I’ve started a postpartum challenge. Time to lose the Lucy pooch and find my abs again. Eating clean, so much meal prep, portion control and exercise. I was nervous that it would just be another diet where I starved and failed, but I am happy to say two weeks in, that this is totally doable. I feel empowered that at 37 years old, I’m finally learning how to eat right. I am realizing I don’t have to starve to eat clean and reach my goals…I can do this…I CAN.

4. My baby is crawling everywhere. My baby has two teeth. My baby sits by herself. My baby is pulling herself up. My baby wants to stand up. My baby is eating solids. My baby is clapping.

How in the world does this happen so fast?!

Image may contain: 1 person, baby, child and closeup

5. Read this today and nothing has been more true…”Yes, it takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to raise a mother.”

Thank you to my village.

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