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Five For Friday 8/12/16

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I feel like I just typed one of these! Please slow down, last bit of summer. PLEASE.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. Two days after vacation. I felt EVERY bite of ice cream.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. A lot of treadmill, recumbent bike, and strengthening.
  • I saw Larry on Tuesday for OMM. Back, ribs, neck, jaw. You know the drill.
  • I was back in Indiana on Wednesday for another TMJ therapy appointment. My mouth appliance was adjusted, and I received my sleep study results. NO apnea so I do not have to do any more sleep stuff! Woohoo! It said I had, “very mild snoring at times.” The recommendation? “Patient appears to be obese. Encourage weight loss.” Wellllll, I do want to lose 5 pounds ; ) The next step is an ENT appointment to talk surgery to fix my deviated septum.

2. My teaching partner’s job was posted. The deadline is August 18th for applicants. Anyone want to teach with me? : ) Praying everything works out how it is supposed to. Monday, I am going in to start setting up. Let the rat race begin!

3. Brad and I celebrated NINE years on Thursday. Holy cow, how is it nine already? For realllllll. We celebrated early in South Bend and then came home, went to Hawk Hollow where we got married, and then went to Mitchell’s for dinner. It was a pretty perfect day.

4. Sometimes it’s the little things. We had our carpets cleaned on Tuesday. I was so worried all of the spots would not come out, but I am typing as we speak, and admiring how CLEAN they are. McCreary’s ROCK.

5. How about the Final Five?! SO amazing. I have loved watching every single second, and may have even put on a leotard the other night for old times. ; ) No judging! My Mom found them!

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