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Five For Friday 8/10/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • This medical version is dedicated to my Dad. I’ve been in Chicago all week with my sister, Mom, and him since he had back surgery at Rush University on Tuesday.
  • 3 Days of Home Rehab in the Chicago gym hotel. No excuses.

2. The surgeon said Dad’s surgery went “unusually” well. They fixed the fractures in his spine, took out a disc, and put a cage around out. We are now in Lombard (Illinois) at Allie’s house while he continues to recover. There’s lots of pain but the surgeon said that was to be expected. Fingers crossed a zillion and one times over that it will be successful and he will feel relief.

3. Want a cute pic? Such a scary Pitbull helping his Tapa recover.

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4. How is it August 10th? For Realzzzz. Last year at this time, my classroom was set up. Trying not to get the blues over everything that must get done…gonna go ahead and sit here and breathe in and out…in and out…can you hear me?

5. And I guess this week was not all THAT uneventful in my life. We announced a little something we have been keeping to ourselves…

7 Years…
Over 70 doctor visits.
Over 60 blood draws.
36 prescriptions.
2 Surgeries.
Over 300 injections.
Tens of Thousands of Dollars.
4 Medicated Cycles.
High Risk x4
3 Trips to Syracuse, NY.
7 Years…
of Hope.
of Love.
of Faith.One beautiful heartbeat.

Our miracle is on the way…

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