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Five For Friday 8/14/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of PT. I started a new place for physical therapy…My break from PT is officially over. I am really encouraged by my new therapists and their knowledge of EDS. It sounds like a handful of fellow EDS’rs go there as well. Looking forward to learning more about how to manage this crazy, weird illness called EDS.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.
  • 6 month dental cleaning. Still no cavities but I had a little more bleeding, which my dentist thinks is due to EDS and the fact that the gums are made of connective tissue.

2. Anniversary! Brad and I celebrated 8 years on Tuesday! That seems so crazy…EIGHT. How??? We celebrated with our usual tradition of going to Hawk Hollow, where we got married, and then we had dinner at Mitchell’s.

3. I spent the week catching up from being on vacation. Lots of cleaning, housework, paperwork, and drinking kale and spinach smoothies…since I spent the previous week eating donuts and ice cream. I miss vacation : )

4. Allie and her fur baby, Gru Gru, left to go back to Chicago after being here all summer. I cried. (Shocker : ) ) I love having my partner in crime here to carry out all of our crazy ideas and adventures…

5. Gympalooza is coming fast! Saturday, August 22nd! 1-7! Here are the top 10 reasons to bring the family:

#1 A Real Mermaid will be here!! Get your photo taken with her!
#2: Parking is FREE
#4: 12 Inflatable Moon Walks and Obstacle Courses for Kids of all ages!
#5: PRESCHOOL & TODDLER Treasure Hunt and Big Bubbles Fun!
#6: We have BIG Prizes to give away!
#7: It’s completely FREE and Open to the Public!
#8: FREE Gymnastics Lessons and Ninja Zone Trial Classes all day inside Twistars USA Gymnastics Club
#9: Climb the Inflatable Rock Wall (see video in comments below)
#10: Play on the 95 Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course!

AND Life as a Zebra Foundation is one of two of the benefiting charities! Join us!

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