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Five For Friday 8/15/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I had my monthly Dr. Larry appointment on Tuesday. We worked on updating my needed work accommodations for the approaching school year.  He also did his usual magical OMM on my ribs, neck, and head. These appointments are like tune-ups to help me function until the next appointment.
  • I saw my shrink on Monday. Love him. Love gaining perspective with him.

2. 7 years! Can it be already?! Brad and I celebrated our anniversary on Monday. We have a tradition. We always go to the exact spot on the lawn at Hawk Hollow where we got married, and then we go to dinner at Mitchell’s Fish Market. We continued that tradition. Plus I got these. My fave.


Brad Katie wedding


And now.

And now.

3. Yesterday I made a lot of progress in overcoming a huge personal fear. Public speaking has always been enough to make me want to run away and hide my head under my pillow. People always say, BUT you are a teacher ~or~ BUT you competed for years as a gymnast in front of crowds…I am aware of both of these, but I am here to tell you that getting up in front of an unknown crowd and just talking is completely different. At least in my world.

Anyways, I was asked a couple of months ago if I would come and be Rotary’s guest speaker about Life as a Zebra.

I knew it would be such a great opportunity and platform to get the word out about the need for awareness to many of the leaders in our community, so I said I would. I just kept telling myself, “Decide that you want it, more than you are afraid of it.”

Long story short, and a lot of stressing later, yesterday was the day. Right before I stood up to speak, I just prayed that the brain fog I was feeling would lift and the words that I needed would come. And they did. It went well. I received many wonderful questions and a lot of nice feedback, that showed me that I was able to convey what I needed to convey about invisible illnesses. It was a great feeling, and definitely an experience in personal growth and development.



Rotary Club

4. I have been a school supply buying machine. Next week begins classroom set-up! I say it every year but it seems even more true this year…SUMMER FLEW BY! It’s time to gear up for another busy, productive, and rewarding school year!

5. Gympalooza is next up for the foundation! It will be next Saturday, August 23rd from 1-8. Have I mentioned it is FREE? Check out the press release below. Life as a Zebra is so grateful and excited to be a part of this event! Email me at katie@zebranation.org if you need more information or if you can volunteer a couple of hours! We do need volunteers! Thank you!

Gympalooza Press Release

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