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Five For Friday 8/29/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.
  • I saw my psychiatrist on Monday.
  • I had prolotherapy round, “too many to count” yesterday.

2. I am officially back to school! Tuesday night we had our open house, and Wednesday and Thursday we had back to school teacher meetings. Tuesday morning, my class will be full of beautiful faces and wide eyes ready to begin their school career. And I am lucky enough to get to be a part of it.  How cool is that?

3. This week, Allie and I also did some media for the foundation. Tuesday morning we were back at News 6 for an interview for a follow-up “Tell Me Something Good” story about Life as a Zebra that will come out next Friday. On Thursday we were interviewed for a cover story for City Pulse Magazine, which will come out on Wednesday. We will post the links when they are up.

Allie has been able to be home for one week this summer, and it is as if the stars aligned to make it so we both could be at these interviews. We are extremely grateful for people’s interest in our community and the fact that we can get the word out about we are doing, and trying to do for invisible illnesses. Very thankful.

News 6 Allie 1

Evan Katie Allie


4. Landscaping! I have been in our house for 7 years now, and we finally did something with our mess of a front lawn. We had it landscaped on Tuesday and it no longer looks like a weed jungle. Thank. You. God.

5. My turn to “get real.” This week, while trying to pack quite a bit in, I was reminded of a lot as I was sick most days with POTS symptoms, throwing up, and fatigue. Whether I wanted to be or not, I was reminded of my limits and the need to respect them, and that not respecting them will only make me sick and affect the people who love me most. I have been reminded that saying “no” or “how about another time” is necessary, and that it is time for me to take a step back and respect what it means for me to be a zebra. It’s time for me to put my personal “zebra” back into Life as a Zebra, because my health comes first, for a couple of reasons; 1. because it just MUST come first, and 2. because that is what all of this is about anyways.

I have been reminded yet again, that I cannot do everything but I can do something.

So there. That’s the truth. My reality.

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