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Five For Friday 8/30/19, 9/6/19, 9/13/19, 9/20/19

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FOUR WEEKS. FOUR. That is a record! I’d like to say I’ve been slacking, but living in the moment, working hard to be the best Mama, wife, friend, and self I can be, and passing out by 8:30 is more accurate.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • PT. My hip is doing so much better. I think it’s a combo of things; eating clean, exercising, the right manipulative medicine, prolo, and holding Lucia differently. I’m feeling relieved to think that I finally turned a corner.
  • Home Rehab. I’m running again. Not all running but run-walk intervals and it feels pretty darn good. Also, strengthening and more strengthening.
  • A couple of shrink appointments.
  • Dentist appointment. 37 and still no cavities!

2. Welp, I did it. I hired a nanny one or two days a week so I can take care of me and manage my health the best I can. She starts Thursday. This Mama is feeling nervous and emotional about it but I also know that if I take care of me, I will only be a better Mama to my babe. Now, I can get to infusions, doctor appointments, mental health appointments, and PT without worrying about finding child care. Growth.

3. Perspective.

Image may contain: text4. An updated picture of my babayyyyyy. 8 Months. Whoa.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup5. You guys. Dr. Grubb emailed me this news. Do you see how the research says it is funded? Life as a Zebra Foundation is one of the funding sources. So, SO cool to be able to say where our dollars are going and see the progress being made. I’m definitely feeling extra grateful for our supporters and generous donors. Check it out:


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