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Five For Friday 9/22/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • Back to PT! Took me three weeks of being back in school, but I got there. We are mixing my cardio up and I like it.

2. I received some bad news on Monday. I’m sorry to be cryptic, especially because I am usually an open book, but at this time, that’s all I want to document. I say this also because if you haven’t heard back from me, I will get there. I’ve just been taking care of me. I’ve come a long way ; )

3. Life as a Zebra Foundation received some very generous donations this week in memory of a young girl who passed away and requested donations go to LAAZF. We had no idea it was coming. Such an incredible, humbling surprise. Wish I could have talked to her.

4. Something I cannot live without this week: My neck brace! I know it seems strange but it is allowing me to run! I strap that baby on, and it takes a lot of the jolting and impact away. A good run is such a high.

5. Sunday afternoons during the school year is for time with my Mama. My Mom is pretty much my hero so it’s a wonderful way to center myself for the week. The routine is always the same…church, lunch, and a little shopping…and it is definitely time I will always, always, always cherish. Grateful.

Stay cool, Michigan! 95 degrees and fall! What?!?!

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