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Five For Friday 9/27/13

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • 1 Day of PT for filming a Life as a Zebra news story, a workout, and for a stern talking to by my PT about how I have worked too hard not to be pacing myself better when it comes to work and life in general. She is absolutely right. Working on it…
  • Zero doctor’s appointments.

2.  WLNS News 6 and I have been messaging all summer about their station wanting to do a “Tell Me Something Good,” story about the Life as a Zebra Foundation. It was never the right time, either on their end or mine. Well, this week was finally the week.  You can watch the story by clicking on the link below.  It’s crazy for me to watch, because while they were filming, I felt so sick and fatigued. Hopefully I faked it well enough…hence, the whole invisible illness thing I guess. Monday morning, it will air again, and I will join Evan Pinsonnault (the anchor who put the piece together) on air to talk more about my story and our foundation. I am thankful for any awareness we can get out there! THANK YOU Evan and the WLNS News 6 team for your interest and hard work!

    Tell Me Something Good, Life as a Zebra:


3.  On Monday, Life as a Zebra Foundation sent another $335 to EDS Network CARES for their research grant to study EDS type 4. The window to donate closes on September 30. Visit the EDS Network CARES website for more information if you are interested in this project!

4.  I need a concert to look forward to. I’m taking suggestions…anyone?

(Yes. That is all for #4).

5.  I was reminded yet again just how short life can be this week. Our family lost a dear friend very suddenly on Thursday. It has hit me really hard, and has demonstrated yet again that tomorrow is never promised. All the more reason to live for the now, my friends.

Something I like to think about often…How do I want to spend my dash?

How do you want to spend your dash?

The Dash

Click on the picture to read it better.

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