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Gastroparesis.  Just another one of those lovely perks of EDS and POTS.  I get these flairs where my stomach decides to stop working.  As if it decides to go on strike with no warning at all.  Well, I am in the midst of one of those flairs.  I try and eat, and the food just sits there.  And my stomach hurts and gets big, and I try my best to hide the fact that it makes me feel miserable.

I am still not totally clear why this happens.  I’ve been told that it has to do with a number of things…Poor blood flow to my stomach for digestion.  That the connective tissue in my intestinal tract is also too stretchy and therefore, does not move things along like it should.  Most likely, though, it’s a combo of these two things.  I take Domperidone during these flairs to try and help with motility, but for some reason, it really is not touching it this time around.

It may be time to go back to U of M to see my GI doc.  But I’m going to do my best to avoid this so I’ll give it a few more days.

In the meantime, as I wait for this flair to pass, I know the drill:

Eat tiny amounts of bland and/or liquid foods, find my “fat day” pants or my leggings for my distended stomach, drink even more water, and if people ask if I am pregnant, I will smile and say “Nope, it’s just my food baby.”

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