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Home Rehab

Written by Katie. Posted in Physical Therapy

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I have had some questions about what I do on my home rehab days.  As I have gotten stronger, I have been able to add more exercises and a few more reps.  My PT has discussed with me that less weight, and higher reps, help create energy in the tissue. 

I have learned on my own that one of the most important parts of rehabbing with EDS (for me) is making sure I work all areas of my body-arms, core, back, legs, neck…If I only work one area, the other areas start to feel like they are coming “unglued.”  I have also learned that rehab for me must remain very consistent.  Otherwise, within a few days of not rehabbing, I feel a lot more pain, and like my body is starting to fall apart.     

However, there is a fine line with rehabbing because if I do too much, I tend to crash with POTS and depleting my energy.  I have also learned that doing too much can cause me a lot of delayed rib, neck, and back pain.  Needless to say, I have had to learn to really try and listen to what my body is telling me.  This is easier said than done.  It is a common occurrence that my PT has to kick me out of the gym.  It all is definitely a process, and much of it has been trial and error.

After about six months of learning, this is my basic home regimen that has been developed…As I continue to move along, it will have to continue to be modified.

I start with leg strengthening to help both EDS and POTS

I do 3 rotations of…

  • toe rises-15
  • squats with overhead arms-10
  • lunges-10
  • wall squats-20 seconds
  • wall tilts (to retrain the vascular system)

Then I work on arms with 3 rotations of…

  • Rows with 3 pound weights-10
  • Bicep curls with 3 pound weights-10
  • Bridges on exercise ball with arm presses with 3 pound weights-10
  • Rows sitting on exercise ball with resistance band (placed in bathroom door with bathroom door shut)-10

Then I work on scapula muscles alternating (3 times)

  • flies laying over the exercise ball raising arms to the side-10
  • flies laying over the exercise ball raising arms behind me-10

I continue on the exercise ball with…

  • Ball sit ups-25 x 3
  • Ball board holds-body is straight out with legs on the ball and I am resting on my elbows (think push up position)-20 second holds x 3

Before I do floor work, I do balance work on my half foam roller. 

  • 2 sets of 1 minute standing on each leg

Then I end with floor work:

  • Glute Firing on stomach-20
  • Glute firing bridges with leg raises-10
  • Superwoman’s-20 second holds x 3
  • Foam roller marches (lay on half foam roller and alternate raising legs, like I am marching)-20
  • Pelvic clock holds-5 seconds each direction

This takes me about an hour, give or take a few minutes, depending on the amount of rest breaks I need to take.

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