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Hope Comes in Many Forms

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Live. Love. Michigan.

A company I had not heard of until a few weeks ago, when my friend, Sara, posted a link to my Facebook wall asking if I wanted to vote. I was confused so I read further and saw that this company was asking for people to nominate their favorite Michigan non-profit for their Hold on to Hope Campaign. Well, of course I am a bit biased, so I immediately voted for Life as a Zebra Foundation, not even aware of what the Hold on to Hope campaign was all about. I was amazed how the voting caught on and soon over twenty people had also voted us to be December’s Hold on to Hope campaign winner. With the craziness and fast pace of life these days, I didn’t think much more about it until I was on the anti-gravity treadmill at therapy. I had my phone with me when I saw an email had come in. Curiosity won out (knowing it was probably not the best idea to check it while I was on the treadmill) and I saw the email was from Live Love Michigan telling us we had won the campaign for December. I think I did a silent celebratory dancy-dance sort of thing, all while trying not to bite it or flip out of the harness. (Success).

I was so excited. Basically, the email laid out the plan. We would design apparel together using our slogan, “Zebras Make Hoofbeats Too,” and for the month of December, we would receive 50% of the profits to go towards our mission of funding invisible illness research and awareness projects.

We were IN.

With this being our first time partnering with another company, I really did not know what to expect. But as I sit here, typing this one week in, I can tell you the experience has surpassed my expectations tenfold. Allie and I have worked mostly with Abbey who coordinates the Hold on to Hope campaign, but we have also worked a bit with Jake who is the owner.  Just from knowing them these last couple of weeks, it is obvious that they do what they do because they truly want to help and make a difference; especially in Michigan. Abbey and I have been touch almost every day brainstorming…and when I say brainstorming, I don’t mean brainstorming ways to raise money. I mean brainstorming ways to raise more awareness for people with invisible illnesses.

I can tell you Abbey, Jake, and the whole Live Love Michigan company has jumped on board and has embraced our foundation and the zebra mission wholeheartedly from day one. They have worked so hard to understand our stories, as well as what it’s like for all people who live with hard to diagnose, chronic, often painful and debilitating invisible illnesses.  They have asked questions, asked for facts, and have wanted to learn about these kind of illnesses from the moment we started.

It is clear that this partnership is not just about shirts, bags, and bumper stickers. It is about relationships, compassion, understanding, and making a difference.

Even though this campaign is for the month of December, we look forward to working with, and supporting Live Love Michigan for a long time in the future.

They support us.

And by us, I mean ALL zebras.

**If you have a moment, check out the awesome zebra apparel here. Again we are biased, but we think it’s pretty awesome, and would make great gifts. We have set a goal of $1500. We would love it if you would consider helping us get there, while supporting invisible illness research, awareness, and a kick ass company who cares about what we are trying to do.

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