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Life as a Zebra Full Length Documentary

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So you may have seen the post back in March about the Life as a Zebra Documentary that was released. You may have even watched it…related to it in some way…or even learned something.

For the month of February, I was followed by cameras as Max, the reporter, documented my life with EDS and POTS.  It was originally supposed to be a five-minute story, which then turned in to an 11-minute story.  The 11-minute version came out in the beginning of March.  After it had been out for a couple of days, the station, as well as the YouTube link, started to receive such a positive response that Max and the station asked if they could do an extended documentary by following Allie and me through the Life as a Zebra Foundation benefit concert (that we hosted in April).

Therefore, this extended version (16 minutes) was released on Monday and can be found by clicking the link below.

I feel weird asking people to watch it because it is so focused on me…but I guess I will anyways.

Not because I am the subject, but because someone out there may relate to it, be helped by it, learn something from it, or even be diagnosed because of it.

That is my hope…if this documentary helps just one person, it will have been worth it.

Thank you all in advance.


Katie xx

(Sidenote: It is strange to watch myself in the last five minutes of the video because I was so POTSy and sleep deprived at that time.  I don’t remember half of it…I was sick, and barely holding it together.  I guess it really is a good example of life with an invisible illness).

Click here to Watch the Life as a Zebra Extended Documentary

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