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Medical ID

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I received Dr. Lavallee’s notes from our visit and something that took me by surprise is that he recommends I get a Medical Alert ID Bracelet….I have many questions about this one..

From where?
What would it say? POTS and EDS? Would Asthma have to be a part of it too?
Would I have to specify the type of EDS on the bracelet? Would there even be enough room?
Would a paramedic or ER doc even know what either disorder is?
Would it be better to carry something in my wallet/purse?

Anyone else have one of these bracelets?  I guess I have more questions for the docs when I see them soon…

Oh, and remember those EDS skin folds on my eyes that give me “an almost Asian look?”  In his notes, he referred to them as epicanthal folds.  Interesting stuff.

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