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Mental BLOCK

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After much encouragement from family and friends, I am entering a contest. 

I like a challenge, I really do. 

But it is a writing contest with a very SMALL and a very STRICT word limit. 

I am hating, hating, hating the word limit. 

No matter how many times I work the entry, I can’t seem to get it to reflect ME.  It seems I am merely able to get to the facts because of the limit.  No flair, no emotion, no pizazz.  Just boring.

I like to be wordy if you haven’t noticed. 

It is starting to get really frustrating, and even more challenging, which is making my OCD determination go into overdrive. 

I have resorted to telling you all this because I am willing to try anything right about now, to get past this writer’s block.  Time is running out.

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