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Mind Over Matter

Written by Katie. Posted in Editorials

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Today I did not spend time in a doctor’s office going over my physical symptoms.  Rather, I spent my time at the doctor this morning sorting through emotional symptoms. For 60 minutes every other week, I sit and work through the mental issues and stress that come from day to day life with my psychiatrist of 11 years.

I’ll never understand why people feel ashamed to say that they see a psychiatrist or a psychologist.  Maybe in our society, it has come to be a sign of weakness.  But I feel like it is the opposite.  It takes courage to be procative to work on mental health.  And since I firmly believe that there is strong mind-body connection, I feel like for me, consciously working on my mind with a medical professional, will only help my body return to normal life much faster than if I did not attend regular therapy sessions. 

These sessions are probably the most important part of my treatment plan.  Even though they do not slow my racing heart, and they do not tone the muscles in my body in order to keep my body from falling apart more, the sessions bring me the perspective, focus, and determination so that I can give the treatments for the physical symptoms 110%.  At this point, I don’t have time to let freaking out interfere with getting better so I find that (for me) seeing my doctor, helps me get out what I need to get out, so I can leave refocused and ready to continue working on the physical parts of the illness.

The biggest theme of today’s session, was to simply “work on making today right.”  Yesterday doesn’t exist.  Tomorrow is a mute point.  So it’s all about today, and today only.

I was told that when you often dumb something down, it can be the smartest thing you can do. So basically I was told that I make things too complicated.  Well, who didn’t know that :). 

So that is what I am going to work on~ dumbing things down; “Running the mile I’m in…” Right now in this moment, I will sit here and enjoy the Spartan game and work on loosening my muscles with my muscle spasm unit.  Because in this very moment that’s what I can control.  This task is much easier said than done, but I realize it is a process, or journey, just like any other treatment plan.

Lastly, I will continue to H.O.P.E!~Hang On Positively Everyday!

Good night!

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