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Five For Friday 10/11/13

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I saw Larry in the office on Tuesday. Usually I see him once a month for his “magic hands” OMM and to make sure everything with my health is being managed like it should be. However, Larry has been in Belgium and the Netherlands for the last month as the team doctor for the US (at gymnastics worlds), so it had been two months since my last appointment. And boy, how I have missed him. We had a great appointment going over everything I’ve been up to (start of school, PT, prolotherapy, doctor changes, etc). He did a lot of jaw and cranial work on me as we talked, also acting as my shrink at times; talking about pacing, priorities, and life in general. That man wears many hats in my life.  The best way to explain how I feel after seeing him is it feels easy to breathe again with peace and clarity. I am so blessed he is my doctor and my friend. I have no idea where I would be without him.
  • Sick. No, not POTS or EDS. But a fever, sinus infection, ear infection, and asthma issues. It never fails. I always get sick like this in October. I started an antibiotic yesterday so hopefully I will be back to “just” my zebra self real soon. In the meantime, Vick’s Vapor Rub, cough drops, Flonase, nebulizer breathing treatments, Gatorade, Kleenex, baths, and my zebra blanket are my BFF’s.
  • I learned this week that you are never too old to have your Dad or your Uncle Steve bring you dinner when you are sick.

2. I am SO happy for my friend, Max who did all of the work on the Life as a Zebra Documentary that came out in the spring. I learned yesterday that it won not one, but TWO awards: The Philo Regional Empowerment/Inspirational Non-Professional award and an award for “overall excellence in directing.”  SO cool. And I’m very thankful that he chose us to tell our story, while putting everything he had into it. I can tell you for a fact that the month we filmed it, he did not sleep. Thank you and congrats, Max! You deserve it! (Click the link below for the mini-documentary).


3. One of my very, very, VERY best friends is moving to Cincinnati in a couple of weeks.  We have taught together for 9 years, but our relationship has evolved way beyond colleagues. We have been through so much together, and I will miss seeing her face everyday. On Saturday, I went to Reno’s for a “see you later” party for her family. The good news is that despite the distance, I am certain we will be bonded together forever. And there are always visits, unless I decide to move into one of her new bedrooms one of these days…


Us teaching girls saying “see you later” to Theresa (in the green).

4. Sometimes you receive unexpected surprises that catch you off guard, fill your heart, and come at such a meaningful time in your life. I have been struggling with some aspects of teaching lately ~ nothing major, just the normal day-to-day challenges of trying to meet everyone’s needs, keeping up with the new mandates, and wondering if I am being as effective as I can be. On Wednesday, I came home from work to a beautiful email from one of my colleagues that made me break down into happy, emotional, grateful tears…one that made me realize that there are people out there who DO notice the good things in life, and are not afraid to share them. My favorite line of the email was, “I know in this crazy world of ours we don’t often take the time to share positive experiences with one another, so here is my attempt to counter that trend.” 

I know this may seem cryptic, but it is not supposed to.  The point I am trying to make is that if you notice someone doing something positive,or making life better, or having a beautiful impact on our often chaotic world, tell them. Chances are it will mean more to them than you can ever imagine. I speak from experience this week.

5.  I love this picture.

That is all.

zebra crown

Have a wonderful weekend, zebra friends!

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