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Five For Friday 10/27/17

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Short and sweet…

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. Trying to come out of my neck flare. Extra stim, heat, and OMM. My jaw is still an unhappy camper. Sigh.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. Less intense. No upper body weights. Trying to calm things down.
  • Infusion on Wednesday. It always amazes me how my body sucks up the fluids like it’s starving for them. And my nurse is always amazed that I never have to pee. I guess that’s why I need them.

2. SO. MUCH. RAIN this week, which means no recess, which means hyper kindergarteners, which means extra dance parties and Go Noodle. Whew. Hoping for a sunny week ahead. It does make a difference. It does!

3. My birthday weekend was so fun. It was the perfect mix of quiet/recovery time and fun. I was even surprised with my most favorite dessert in the whole wide world…pumpkin bars. Have you had them? They have been my favorite for as long as I remember, and I always, always, always brought them for my birthday treat in school beginning in kindergarten. Heaven in my mouth.

4. Report Cards. That’s pretty much my extra time right now.

5. I’m on my way for a weekend away at Allie’s in Chicago! A much needed weekend away with the fam and the best white pitbull in the world…with zero report cards and zero lesson plans. Peace out, friends!

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