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Five For Friday 11/23/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • I had my 32 week OB check on Tuesday. This appointment was about all of the things we need to think about…and have not yet. Things like having a pediatrician in place. Guess what is on my to do list for this week??? Heartbeat and measurements were good and I only gained 1 pound in a month. Bonus. I begin the baby non-stress tests in a few weeks…
  • I’ve done really well this pregnancy, but I can honestly say in the last week, I have crossed over to the uncomfortable zone. Eye on the prize.
  • Short week. No PT appointments. Walks outside and a sad amount of strengthening. I don’t care how giant you feel, step it up, Katie…; )

2. Thanksgiving was wonderful, and LOUD, and delicious, and filled with so much love, and LOUD as usual…It’s one of my favorite days of the year…no presents, no stuff…just family, food, and togetherness. Thankful.

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3. Friday, we did it all over again with Brad’s side. My sister-in-law is a professional photographer, and we may or may not have taken some belly pics too. I was actually against maternity photos. Nothing against people who do them; I just felt like I did not need to spend the money to document my belly…Then, my SIL texted and told me to bring a dress to Thanksgiving so she could play, so I agreed to cooperate ; ) Stay tuned…

4. I love this.

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5. In the last week, I have lost two special friends who also happen to be zebras. I was pretty shocked by both of their deaths; they were both so young. These friends fought so hard through life with chronic illness, were always so positive, and certainly touched my life with their words of wisdom, zest for life, and their unwillingness to allow their illnesses to take over their lives. It has been a lot to take in, a wake up call as to how short life really is, how serious these illnesses can be, and how precious our time on this earth really is.

Rest in peace, Steve and Becca. Thank you for being such lights in this world that be pretty dark at times. I will forever be grateful to both of you.

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