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Five For Friday 1/28/11

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Overall, it has been a better week. I feel like I have been a rehab’n machine, which is good since my health is my job these days.

1.  Medical Stuff:

    • Had 2 sessions of PT. Had to wear my new shirt to PT on Wednesday:
  • Saw the GI doc at U of M on Tuesday, and was prescribed Domperidone for stomach flares.
  • Saw my new PCP on Wednesday.  He was very willing to learn with me.   I think he will be a good fit.
  • Saw the high risk pregnancy doctor on Thursday.  I learned quite a bit…Brad and I have a lot to think about.
  • Started Florinef and the Testosterone cream. So far so good.  No chest hair yet.
  • Did a lot of home rehab exercises including these…
 I have such a love-HATE relationship with these superwoman’s.
I feel like such a weakling but I gotta keep at it…Plus I’m taking Testosterone 🙂

2.  My in-laws surprised me on Tuesday and came and took me to dinner at Mitchell’s Fish Market (my fave) and to Pottery Barn (Brad already had plans with a college buddy from Illinois).  It was awesome to spend some one-on-one time with them.

3.  The VanHorns came to visit!  Thanks Kelley, Jeffrey, Zack, and Bradley for brightening my Friday, and for the famous VanHorn spaghetti and brownies!

4.  I started reading this:
Dr. Lavallee told me I needed to read it when I was in South Bend.  He said it was an instrumental book in shaping how he views his EDS pain and he highly recommends it.?  Dr. Lavallee said since it is out of print, I probably would have a hard time finding it, but I actually found it pretty easily on Amazon.  I will have to do a book review for a separate post once I finish it.  So far it is really interesting, and honestly very scary reading about Dr. Brand’s experiences treating patients who can’t feel pain.  Very eye opening.
5.  Had a great time hanging out with the Stringham’s, Gooley’s, and Thies’ on Saturday.  It had been way too long.
We won’t talk about MSU basketball this week…

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