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Five For Friday 2/15/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • No docs for me. Teeny tiny bits of strengthening exercises here and there. It’s back to PT on Tuesday for this girl. Pray for me ; )

2. Lucia, on the other hand, had two doctor appointments this week; one planned and one unplanned. Tuesday, we were back at the orthopedic surgeon’s office to recheck her broken clavicle. We started at x-rays (she filled her diaper GOOD when she was on the table) and moved to the exam room. The doc said she is healing beautifully, thank goodness. It will take a good six months to completely heal, but she is on track and does not need to be seen again. PLUS, we do not have her to pin her arm to her onesies anymore. Girlfriend is free!

Also, I know most peeps in Michigan are sick of snow days, but once again Mother Nature allowed Daddy to be free to come to the surgeon with me for Lucia.

PS-Winter was not like this until she arrived. I think she is Elsa.

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3. Valentine’s Day and Motherhood.

Lucia went on a hunger strike for two days. I freaked and called her doctor. They told me to bring her in because she could have thrush or sores in her mouth. So, we did and the doc did not find anything. We took our fussy babe home and went to sleep when she did. Sleep is our love language this year. Update: she is doing better. Maybe a growth spurt or growing pains? It’s one big guessing game.

4. In other news this week:

  • Took a shower before Brad got home. (One out of four days…must start somewhere).
  • Did two loads of laundry in a day; not just one.
  • We all slept a stretch of five hours one night. C’mon Lucy Lu. Keep it up.
  • Said no to someone visiting this week. Working on boundaries until I have this stuff figured out (somewhat). I mean, I doubt I’ll ever have it fully figured out.
  • My Mama finished her last chemo treatment. On to radiation. Please keep the prayers going.
  • I ate sushi again. First time since before pregnancy. Yum.
  • My bro turned 34 and my baby sis turned 31.

5. Yes, yes, yes.

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