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Five For Friday 6/20/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab: Recumbent Bike, and floor strengthening.
  • Zero doctors and zero physical therapy (my therapist is away right now).
  • I am officially scheduled to see Dr. Lavallee in July! It will be my first time seeing him since he moved from South Bend to York, PA. The road trip will be a lot but I am confident it will be worth it. That man is one of my heroes.

2. I worked the Michigan State Alumni Association’s poker night on Tuesday from 10-2. If you know me, I am usually in bed by 10 so this was a challenge for me! On a different note, I am now really good at counting chips, and I can tell you what rake and a rack means.

How tired do we look?!

How tired do we look?!


3. Speaking of MSU, Brad always coaches both sessions of Tom Izzo (MSU Basketball) camp every summer. It’s like Christmas for him. I went out to camp on the last day of the first session to watch the games and take a few pics.

This was the best action shot I could get!

This was the best action shot I could get!

4. I spent much of the week getting ready for “Team Zebra” to represent at the Antioch Cares 5k with race registrations and t-shirt orders. Let me just say that Carolyn from Antioch Cares and Jake from Live Love Michigan are amazing and made it easy! Plus, one of my besties, Theresa got in to town on Friday for the race and helped me get ready. Teamwork makes the dream work!

5. On Saturday, my family went to a beautiful wedding. It was the wedding of one of Allie and my former gymnastics teammates. It was a blast…lots of laughing and dancing…even in my boot!






+1. Building the new foundation website continues…and continues…I have to keep reminding myself that it is a process, not a sprint.

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