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Five For Friday 7/14/17

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Slow down summer! You’re half over!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I had my Septoplasty post-op on Tuesday. Everything looked great, and I have officially “graduated.” Two weeks later, I am SO glad I did it. I can breathe out of my left side, and therefore breathe correctly for the first time ever.
  • I am able to work out again too! I got two workouts in this week. It’s crazy how fast you lose endurance and muscle. Time to get serious again.
  • I can blow my nose again, guys. If you haven’t been able to blow your nose for two weeks too, you know how HUGE this is. Ahhh.

2. We saw Josh Ritter live in Ann Arbor on Wednesday…in the FRONT ROW. Here’s my review: Amazeballs. The most smiley/joyful singer I’ve ever seen perform. I would see him again right now if I could. Played over two hours. Voice is crazy good. Lyrics are genius. Okay, I just love him. The end.

3. We had the best beach weekend with Brad’s family. It was my first time at the beach and in a bathing suit all summer. Super relaxing, which ended with a hike before we left. I didn’t want to return to reality. : (

4. Guys, we are almost done with the basement. I thought I’d never type those words. I don’t think I wanna see another tub again. And I think Goodwill probably doesn’t want to see us again. But it is looking GOOD, if I do say so myself ; ) Feels good too. On to selling/reshuffling furniture, and then interior decorating!

5. I am super humbled and honored to have been nominated for WEGO Health‘s Patient Leader Hero award for our Life as a Zebra work. If you believe in what Life as a Zebra Foundation is doing and what it stands for, please consider endorsing me (and therefore, LAAZF, because it is after all, a major team effort). It takes 2 seconds…You just click the link and the endorse button is under the picture! The three nominees with the highest number of endorsements will automatically become part of the five finalists for that award category. Thank you for your support!

Here’s the link to endorse: Click here to endorse Katie!


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