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Five For Friday 8/23/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Two sessions of PT. Started a few new strengthening exercises for my glutes and hip. We are realizing that if we release (through OMT) my hip flexor area, glute, and tightness down my leg, my hip feels better.
  • Two days of Home Rehab. Interval run/walks. Three rounds of 10 different strengthening exercises. I will find my abs again. I will.
  • Week 3 of the Postpartum challenge. Down 7 pounds.
  • Why I go to Dr. Rosen regularly:

No photo description available.2. “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will have to make time for your illness.”

A good reminder as Brad is gearing up to go back to school and I’m getting ready to (fortunately) take on this Motherhood gig solo again during the weekdays, while still also needing infusions, rest, PT, shrink time, and home rehab time. It can be tricky, but I’ve learned that with creativity and accepting help, it can be managed. Yes, I said accepting help. Working on it…

3. 7 Months of Lucia:

Firsts: Crawling. Standing. Pulling herself up. Sitting up by herself. Teeth. Vacation. Lake Michigan. Clapping.

Loves: Puffs. Sesame Street. Dancing. Squealing/Happy Screams. Baths. Boom Chicka Boom Songs. Baby and Books at the library. Swim class. Watching other kids/people. Waking up in the morning. Peanut Butter. Getting into everything. Being upside down. Feeding herself. Laundry baskets. Peek-a-boo. Animal sounds. Finding Mommy and Daddy in the house. Her play table and play remote control. Carbs. Clapping.

Doesn’t Love: purées. Avocado. Diaper changes. Crib naps. Sleeping through the night. Being told no.

4. We spent the weekend doing one last beach hurrah at Lake Michigan with family. Lucia was not a fan of the rough waves or sand…but it amazes me that the cold water temps don’t even seem to phase her. Still not ready to kiss summer goodbye…at all.

5. My boss this school year is awfully demanding…and the best boss I have ever had. Grateful.

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